What & Why is SEO?

Jan 2, 2022 | Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design

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SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is the process of getting traffic free with people searching and finding your website organically (not paid) in search results in search engines.

So why do we want our website to be optimized for searching?
So we get “ranked” on the internet. This is the list that shows up on Google and the higher your ranking the closer you appear to page 1. This is search engine ranking, in other words, it is where you appear when people search for you online – say via Google. However, ranking is dependent on a great many things.

Let’s discuss some simple techniques you can implement on your website to get better SEO ranking.

Website elements: like quality content, text and graphics should be added to your website in order to focus the attention of your targeted audience.

Title Information of a Website: The title of each web page including Home page should be clear, attractive, and relevant so that targeted audience can easily be influenced from it and more importantly easily searched by the search engine.

Header Information of a Website: Each web page should consist of proper header information which is the combination of quality and primary keywords.

Keywords: While creating a website, you should always remember that webpages should contain quality keywords which can easily be considered by the search engine. Keywords should be more relevant so that they can effectively define our business objective as well as a specifigoal.

Website Content: Website content plays an important role in online promotion thus it should be clear, concise and effectively presented to target audience. Additionally, the website content is mainly designed to educate and guide the targeted audience thus we should remember that the information is well defined and effectively presented for the user’s experience.

Internal linking: This refers to the navigation between web pages. In a website, we should effectively design the internal linking so that visitors easily move from one web page to another. This will help users in easily finding the required information which can help in understanding the brand products.

We can improve and enhance website visibility over the search engine by using backlinks and social media which are defined as follows:

Backlinks: Backlinks are the most important aspect of SEO process. Search engine considers backlinks as “votes” which helps in measuring the success of a website and deciding the website ranking. If a website is having a large number of backlinks then it is ranked as top in the search engine. However, if you link to another website that is badly ranked this can affect your own ranking.

Social Media: Social media helps in promoting your brand and having social media links on your website is an important part of SEO ranking by Google. As per search engine ranking algorithm, a website is ranked as top if it is shared and liked by a large number of people enormously.

In order to increase your SEO ranking, you want activity on your website – visitors, content updates such as a blog etc. This is where you would consider digital marketing in order to drive traffic and potential new leads to your marketing message.

Below are some digital marketing techniques are available in the market. Some of the most popular are as follow:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing & aAdvertising (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing