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B-ZINGA’S thinking will REVOLUTIONIZE your Marketing

We provide strategic brand and marketing communication to businesses so they can connect with their customers and take advantage of digital marketing.

We will give your business clarity and direction to your brand, identify your ideal target market and highlight your value to buying customers, so you can market with confidence and reach your full potential.

The B-ZINGA Process


We review your goals to create a marketing plan that considers your brand and budget.


We create clarity and clear brand messaging, so you can market with confidence.


We strategize your marketing to focuses on your target market and how they buy.


We integrate technology into your sales process making marketing easier and more efficient.


We prioritize your marketing plan and use measurement to pivot the plan to get results.

We PROBLEM-SOLVE Marketing and Digital Solutions

We know it sounds crazy, but most marketing companies, design agencies and web developers do not problem-solve solutions for you. But WE DO!

What we do is different – WE ASK WHY

If your marketing is not working, we need to find out why. There are many reasons why it could not be working – marketing plan, branding, messaging, customer buying process or even sales strategy.  By identifying the problem, we can fix the issue and get your marketing on the right track.

Website Design and Digital Marketing Plans

Elevate your Digital Presence

Make it easy for customers to FIND, TRUST and BUY from you

Your Marketing must satisfy TWO needs – the HUMAN and the DIGITAL connection for it to be effective!


Brand Essence / Identity
Logo / Value Proposition
Vision & Mission Statements
Brand Content
Workshop / Course Content
Social Media Profiles
Product Descriptions


Marketing Plans
Marketing Content
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Event Content & Promotion
Email Automation
B2B Marketing Campaigns


Website Design
Domain / Hosting
SSL Certification
Privacy Policies
Booking Calendars
Online Forms/Payments
Website Content


Google Analytics
Google My Business
Keyword Strategy
Hashtag Research
eCommerce Integrations
SEO Strategy / Audits
Marketing SEO



We will deep-dive into your goals and assess what your marketing, brand or online tech you need to reach those goals.


We know how overwhelming the online world can be, so we will work with you to ensure you have a robust digital presence.


We will develop a plan for you that includes analytics, so you do not miss any opportunities that digital marketing has to offer.

Our Client’s Success

Our talent is giving entrepreneurs the ‘AHA MOMENT’ that unleashes their true potential

The team at B-Zinga are simply the best.

“Last summer we made the decision to redevelop our website and marketing strategy. We wanted to develop our digital and print media to attract and retain organizations who would benefit from our comprehensive and unique Emergency First Aid Game Plan.

We met with and interviewed a number of firms looking for the “right fit” that understood our culture and needs. We found that firms were interested in wowing us not our clients. They just weren’t hearing us.

That all changed when we met with Andrea and her team at B-Zinga. They listened to our goals, took the time to understand our business needs and researched the market. With this knowledge, they prepared a comprehensive road map complete with deliverables designed to achieve our goals.

Thanks to B-Zinga we have successfully launched our website, developed amazing materials, held a number of very successful focused campaigns and increased our business. The team at B-Zinga is extremely responsive and delivers what they promise on time and on budget. They are simply the best.”

Rob Ichelson | Chief Learning Officer / Director | canaPHEM

B-Zinga really helped us solidify our brand personality

B-Zinga really helped us solidify our brand personality and what kind of content we should focus on as we created our website. Andrea’s ability to pull out key understandings from our meetings was incredibly valuable as we used it as a compass to move forward. Her mixture of humour and method for documenting our progress was refreshing and important so we could visualize our progress.

Kristen Marumoto | Insights to Market

You need to get clear on WHAT YOU DO and communicate THAT VALUE to your ideal customers for your marketing to work


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About Me

I am a passionate entrepreneur with over 20 years of professional experience in marketing, branding and communications. Working in different countries and traveling in over 27 countries has given me an understanding and insight into how culture plays a big part in marketing and I want to share this international experience with you. I love to think out-of-the-box and brainstorm with my clients.

What I love most is getting to know my clients and helping them build impactful brands that showcases who they are and what is their true value. I see you and see your potential.

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