Website Design

We design websites that make it easier for customers to FIND, TRUST and BUY from you!

Get More Business from your Website!

Website Content
We create websites that are designed around content – for Customers and Google!

Connect with your Customers
Your content needs to connect with your audience, You website visitors are coming to your website to buy from you. So, the content needs to talk to the audience. The content needs to express what you do and the value to your customers, so they want to buy from you.

Call to Actions
We create content that guides customers through the customer journey and to buy with clear Call to actions (CTAs) giving you better results from your website.

SEO Content
A website needs to be found beyond people just having the URL.Customers have to be able to find your website. We write content with a focus on SEO (search engine optimization), so that search engines such as Google can match online searches to your website. We ensure your website is optimized in the backend for SEO to increase better SEO capability to help your website found on SERP (search Engine Results Page).

Optimized Performance
We build websites that are optimized for speed, security, optimized and correctly sized and named images.

Some Facts about Websites

  • 90% of people will check out your website before they buy from you
  • It is often a FIRST IMPRESSION of your business
  • People will judge the quality and reliability of your business based on your website
  • People will leave your website if it is slower than 3 seconds!

Domain Registration and Hosting

We will recommend the right domain name, as well as help you set up the hosting (rented server space / platform) for your website. We like to build WordPress websites as they offer the lowest cost and the most amount of flexibility when it comes to customization and functionality giving you the ability to continue to adapt and change your website as you grow your business.

Measure your Marketing Activity using Google Analytics

Google Analytics logoGoogle Analytics is a free tool that measures activity on your website. It allows you to effectively measure your web performance activity and shown through a series of reports and dashboards. This data it will collect will help you to adapt your marketing plan.

We Offer

Website Design

Website Content

eCommerce Websites

Domain Registration

Hosting Set Up

SSL Certification Installation

Booking Calendars

Online Forms

Payment Systems

Google Analytics

SEO Services

Privacy Policies

Online Policies



We offer a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your project to get you moving on the right path.

Web Hosting Service Providers we Recommend

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Website FAQs

Can you assess my website and advise on improving my website to develop more leads and conversions?
Yes, we offer a Digital Audit that will assess website performance, load speed, SEO and mobile optimization, as well as branding and user experience of your website. If you want to order a Digital Audit, order here.
Can you help me set up my domain?
Yes, we can help you set up your domain. We like our clients to own their own domain. Your domain is your asset, but we will help you through that process. It is not a policy of B-Zinga to ‘own’ your domain like other web design agencies.
Do you design websites in WordPress?
Yes, we mainly design websites in WordPress because it is the most cost effective and flexible platform for websites available today.
Do you edit websites on other platforms?
Yes, we can help edit and improve websites that are designed in SquareSpace, Wix, GoDaddy Builder, Shopify, amongst others.
Do you write website content?
Yes, we can help create effective SEO content for homepages, about us and product and service descriptions. We also can create written blogs to add to your website.
Can you help me retrieve my domain?
Yes, we can find out where your domain registers and help you through the process of retrieving your domain.
Do you create website privacy policies and T&C, return our shipping policies for websites?
Yes, we can help develop and add these policies to your website so you are in compliance with online advertising policies.
Do you help set up Google business profiles?
Yes, we help businesses set up Google business profiles with branding logos, About Us information and SEO content.
Do you set up Google email addresses?
Yes we do. We highly recommend having a branded email to enhance your digital presence. We can help you set up a branded email and integrate it to your website.
Can I hire B-ZINGA to fix my website?
Yes, we offer Website Technician services, we can look at your website and fix any digital issues such as being offline, broken links and malware issues.
How much does it cost to get a website?
Website costs can vary greatly depending on the number of webpages, forms and functionality included in the website. The more added the more time it takes to complete design. Setting up the site often takes the most amount of time. Adding pages does not take much to add to a site depending on how complete the page is. However, designing a form, adding payment, CRM, booking systems or email marketing integration takes time to add to the site as well as time to set up those modules before they can be integrated into the website.

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