Website Design

Make it easier for customers to FIND, TRUST and BUY from you!

Build a Website that speaks to your Customers

Your website is key to your business reputation and how people “see” you. It is often the first place people will assess whether they want to do business with you. It is a digital asset that you control and you do not want it let you down.

B-Zinga builds websites for your BRAND and your BUSINESS needs

90% of people will check out your website before they buy from you, therefore it is a crucial part of your digital presence. We do not build cookie websites – we do a “deep dive” into your brand and target market to build a website that relates to your customers.

Domain Registration, Hosting and Security

We will recommend the right domain name, as well as help you set up the hosting (rented server space / platform) for your website. We like to build WordPress websites as they offer the lowest cost and the most amount of flexibility when it comes to customization and functionality giving you the ability to continue to adapt and change your website as you grow your business.

We will add plugins and backend software to make sure your website is secure and that Google knows it is secure. Important for Google ranking.

Marketing and SEO Content

Your website should be the anchor for your digital marketing. This is where you want your customers to come to get to know you. Once your customers arrive you do not want to disappoint. Give them a fluid customer experience with easy navigation and relevant content. Make it easy for your customers to find information, trust you and buy from you. That is the ultimate goal of a website.

Too much information and they get confused, to much to look at they end up down what feels like a rabbit whole, broken links they get frustrated and leave, bad navigation means they do not know where to go so they head to the nearest exit (off your site), and no call to action for your customers to take, they simply drift away and follow another shiny thing. Your website should guide your customers where you want them to go and give them an action to take when they get there.

That is what we do when we create websites, and of course you want relevant content. B-Zinga creates content that speaks to the target market and we combing that with content and SEO plugins and functionality that speaks to Google too.

Measure your Marketing Activity using Google Analytics

Google Analytics logoGoogle Analytics is a free tool that measures activity on your website. It allows you to effectively measure your web performance activity and shown through a series of reports and dashboards. This data it will collect will help you to adapt your marketing plan.

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