What’s in a business name?

Feb 8, 2020 | Branding

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Why did I choose B-Zinga as a business name?

I heard the word a long time ago from TV show Big Bang Theory. While Sheldon (the character who says it) says it when he tells a joke, he is saying, “Got ya”. And that is how I see it – GOT YA! This is how I see marketing. There is a lot of noise out there and you need people to get what you do in a very short amount of time.

The theory behind a name

The theories on choosing a name are extensive, but one of them is to have a two a syllable name. Like Pepsi, Walmart, Nike…but one my favourite brands of all time is Coca-Cola (which is 4 syllables). Not sure what it means, but it is over 100 years old and still going strong. They share the experience of the drink, but what is the drink? They have evolved their logo and changed it slightly to look modern and more relevant. Image is a subliminal message that is emotional and intangible. One thing they have not done is change their colour. On the emotional wheel of colour (look it up), red is exciting. But they know who they are and they are doing it. Love it!

Don’t make your name to complicated

One of my experiences with naming a brand is my own brewery in Australia. We ended up changing the name (even after we had been open, printed labels and, started to build our customer base) as the name was simply too complicated. The name made sense to us, but on looking at my target market closer and at what they were really like, we realized a name change was what we needed. So we changed the name to Northern Rivers Brewing Company. Sure it cost us money, but it was worth it and savvy business decision. The local people got behind the brand, as it was “their” beer and from then on it was much easier to market and build an image of success.

Make it memorable

So when I chose B-Zinga, I wanted a name that was memorable, short and fun. My husband, Kevin says you have to practice saying it when you answer the phone. This is the first time some one may hear it, so if is does not feel or sound right then maybe it is not right for you. Again, though do not complicate it. Be whom you are this will give you confidence and confidence is a building block of success. So for me, B-Zinga felt right.

Have fun choosing the right name! If you need help, book a Strategy Session by emailing me at andrea@b-zinga.com