Marketing Plans

A marketing plan without a strategy is like driving without a map!

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We review your target market and create actionable marketing plans, so you can reach your prospective customers!

With over 25 years experience in marketing for small business, we work with you to create marketing strategies and plans that focus on your achievable goals. We help you choose the right marketing channels and tactics based on your industry and target market.


We work with you to define your business goals, target market, marketing channels, so that we can establish your competitive advantage.


We create an action plan that includes SWOT Analysis, Customer Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Marketing Channels. Marketing team and budget,


We work with you to create a budget for your marketing goals. The budget covers different types of marketing based on what you are promoting and to whom.

Marketing FAQs

Do you offer free consultations?

We offer a no obligation 20 minute discovery session for all new clients

Why do I need a marketing strategy for my business?

A marketing strategy is essential for growing your business. Knowing who your target market is key to building a marketing plan that brings results.

Q. I am in a niche market, can you help me with my branding, marketing and my website?

We love working with businesses who have a niche market. We will help you develop a strong brand identity and messaging that will showcase your unique qualities and values.

Can you integrate email marketing into my website?

Yes, we can integrate any email marketing of your choosing into your website.

Can you set up Google Analytics on my website for me?

Yes, we highly recommend having Google Analytics on your website. We can also add conversion tagging to your website.

Why should I add Google Analytics to my website?

Having Google Analytics on your website can help you guide your website design and change your marketing strategy.

Do you work with Not-for-Profits?

We like to work with Not-for-Profits. Our goal is to help as many Not-for-Profits build impactful brands and effective digital presence through our branding, marketing and website services.

Want to book free discovery meeting?

YES! I’m interested in FREE marketing tips and staying up-to-date on the latest trends

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