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A marketing plan without a strategy is like driving without a map!

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Marketing – the process of communicating your offering to your customers in an attractive and appealing way.

The ideal situation is to be front of mind when your customer wants to buy your offering. For this to be as effective as possible you need to detail your offering (products/services) and clearly communicate that information to the customers who are most likely to buy from you.

To start you need a marketing strategy. The strategy looks high-level at who are your customers, what is their pain point and what do you offer that solves the problem. With a strategy in place, you can now create an action plan – marketing plan.

A marketing plan – the strategic roadmap that businesses use to organize, execute and track their marketing strategy over a given time period and achieve specific goals.

Why you need a Marketing Plan

The plan helps you execute, measure and allows you to make changes. Without a plan you will feel like you are going in circles. A marketing plan gives you that playbook to work from. If you fail to plan – you plan to fail.

B-Zinga designs Marketing plans that suit your business

Every business is unique. By being unique, you stand out from your competitors. We design marketing plans with the goal of building strong online identities that communicates each business’ true value to their ideal customers. We develop marketing plans that uses digital assets and processes to make it easier for customers (and Google) to find them online, build trust and buy.

Your Marketing must satisfy TWO needs – the HUMAN and the DIGITAL connection

In the world of digital marketing there are lots of free and low costs options for marketing for small business. However, for it to be effective you need to have a strategic plan to follow. You need to know who are your customers, what are their buying preferences and what their buying journey is, including which digital marketing channels they like and how they want to buy from you.

Importance of knowing who your Audience is

If you think your customers are everyone and you do a “spray and prey” marketing campaign, you are hoping that your customer is going to come across your marketing and buy. This is not the most effective way to market. What you want to do is know who are your customers and send them a specific message to them where they hang out with content they want to read.You want your marketing to be focused on the right customers who want to buy what you are offering.

If you know who – you know where – you know what – you know when and you know why because you know your audience. Knowing who are your customers allows you to connect on a human level with content that relates and engages. Marketing connects your brand to the human and emotional part of your customers. For 5 steps to help determine your target market read the blog

Digital Marketing is about making Google happy!

So as a human we see pictures and text and have an emotional connection and relationship with businesses – this is branding. Now we have to satisfy the digital side to marketing. This is how we construct the marketing and digital asserts – keywords, website speed, online forms, buying processes, SEO and backlinks to name just a few aspects.

We work to optimize all the digital aspects of your marketing channels and platforms. You do not want to market your business on social media and send it to a slow, confusing website. Your website is a key part of your digital marketing – it is the anchor for all your content, your story, your brand, your credibility.

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