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General FAQs

Do you offer free consultations?

We offer a no obligation 20 minute discovery session for all new clients

Do you work with Not-for-Profits?

We like to work with Not-for-Profits. Our goal is to help as many Not-for-Profits build impactful brands and effective digital presence through our branding, marketing and website services.

Can I hire you to do a workshop for my business?

Yes, we offer workshops for marketing, branding and website development. Reach out to us and we can discuss the workshop subject.

Branding FAQs

Are you able to help with creating my brand identity?

Yes, we specialize in developing impactful brands with our clients. We offer a collaborative coaching process where we will deep dive into your brand resulting in a brand blueprint you can use to launch your business brand.

Do you design logos and develop brands?

Yes, we design logos as a part of our branding services. We have graphic design experience, however we do not offer stand alone logo design as that is a graphic designer’s job and we do much more than just design a logo.

I am already in business. Can you help me improve my brand and digital presence?

Yes, book a discovery session by contacting us and we can discuss your product.

Q. I am in a niche market, can you help me with my branding, marketing and my website?

We love working with businesses who have a niche market. We will help you develop a strong brand identity and messaging that will showcase your unique qualities and values.

Marketing FAQs

Why do I need a marketing strategy for my business?

A marketing strategy is essential for growing your business. Knowing who your target market is key to building a marketing plan that brings results.

Can you integrate email marketing into my website?

Yes, we can integrate any email marketing of your choosing into your website.

Website FAQs

Can you assess my website and advise on improving my website to develop more leads and conversions?

Yes, we offer a Digital Audit that will assess website performance, load speed, SEO and mobile optimization, as well as branding and user experience of your website. If you want to order a Digital Audit, order here.

What is your process for building websites?

We plan websites before we start to build. We start by asking you questions about what you want the website to achieve, creating a navigation sitemap, and discuss your brand, target market and what you want to do in the future so we can build a website that works for you and your business goals. When we build a website, we construct the website so that it can be found and indexed by Google to make your website do the job is was designed to do and attract your ideal customers. 

Do you design websites in WordPress?

Yes, we mainly design websites in WordPress because it is the most cost effective and flexible platform for websites available today.

Can I hire B-ZINGA to fix my website?

Yes, we offer Website Technician services, we can look at your website and fix any digital issues such as being offline, broken links and malware issues.

How much does it cost to get a website?

Website costs can vary greatly depending on the number of webpages, forms and functionality included in the website. The more added the more time it takes to complete design. Setting up the site often takes the most amount of time. Adding pages does not take much to add to a site depending on how complete the page is. However, designing a form, adding payment, CRM, booking systems or email marketing integration takes time to add to the site as well as time to set up those modules before they can be integrated into the website.

Do you write website content?

Yes, we can help create effective SEO content for homepages, about us and product and service descriptions. We also can create written blogs to add to your website.

Can you help me set up my domain?

Yes, we can help you set up your domain. We like our clients to own their own domain. Your domain is your asset, but we will help you through that process. It is not a policy of B-Zinga to ‘own’ your domain like other web design agencies.

Can you help me retrieve my domain?

Yes, we can find out where your domain registers and help you through the process of retrieving your domain.

Do you create website privacy policies and T&C, return our shipping policies for websites?

Yes, we can help develop and add these policies to your website so you are in compliance with online advertising policies.

Do you edit websites on other platforms?

Yes, we can help edit and improve websites that are designed in SquareSpace, Wix, GoDaddy Builder, Shopify, amongst others.

Google FAQs

Why should I add Google Analytics to my website?

Having Google Analytics on your website can help you guide your website design and change your marketing strategy.

Do you help set up Google business profiles?

Yes, we help businesses set up Google business profiles with branding logos, About Us information and SEO content.

Do you set up Google email addresses?

Yes we do. We highly recommend having a branded email to enhance your digital presence. We can help you set up a branded email and integrate it to your website.

Can you set up Google Analytics on my website for me?

Yes, we highly recommend having Google Analytics on your website. We can also add conversion tagging to your website.

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